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Past gig

15 Sept
uT Best club@Holy Innocent Church, London

29 July

with NAD SPIRO@Rose Hill, Brighton

26 June Intox Extravaganza All-dayer

2 June
Pram Tour at Claptra
p the venue in Stourbridge
10 MayWomanMachina at Iklec

9 March   2023

23 February  2023Club Integral Resonance FM Benefit gig

RESO CL POSTER 4 jpeg.jpg
Intox 9 March 2023.jpg


12 Nov. Uramatsuri

8 Oct
Benshi Performance at FILM FEST,
Setubal, Portugal

Japan Solo Tour

22 July @Hard rain, Osaka
with Chie Mukai

23 July @Space Eauuu, Kobe
with Chie Mukai

25 July @K.D Japon, Nagoya
with Che Mukai

24 Aug. @Bar Isshee, Tokyo
With Okinawa Denshi Syojyo Sai

27 Aug. @Nanahari, Tokyo
with Lenka, Yusei Kaneko

28 Aug. Giga Noise Festival @ Akihabara Goodman, Tokyo
31 Aug. @ Bar Isshee, Tokyo
with Mitsuru Nasuno

M.S.U (Mizutama Shobodan Reunite) tour
8 Aug. @ Akihabara Goodman, Tokyo
M.S.U. and Acid Mothers Temple
9 Aug. @Namba Bears, Osaka

5 March at Hundred Years Gallery
18 March at Club Integral at Iklectikwith Kenny Process Team, Fourth Pages
CL 18 march with text.jpeg
5 March 2022 gig at 100 Y G.jpg
MSU 20220808 & 09.jpg
20220722-15 Mukai Chie tour.jpg
ura white border artists poster 1..jpg


The NIghtingales UK Tour

Sept.11 Itako Sisters at Cafe Oto
Sept. 25 Solo at Scale down
Nightingales tour KO poster Oct_Nov 2021 updated 20210815.jpeg

Japan Solo Tour  March 〜April 2017

11 Mar.

Unknown Theatre, Tokyo


14 Mar.

Hikaru no uma, Tokyo 


17 , 18 Mar.

Chikyuya, Tokyo


19 Mar.

Bottle Neck, Naha

20 Mar.

Kitchen Fukiya, Naha

21 Mar.

Shima Omoi, Naha


23 Mar.

Jyurai, Naha

24 Mar.

Bar Ronnie Scott’s, Nagasaki


25 Mar.

IAF Shop, Fukuoka


26 Mar.

Gallery Sorp, Kokura


27 Mar.

Namba Bear, Osaka


30 Mar.

Bar Isshee, Tokyo

31 Mar.

Cafe Muriwui, Tokyo


1 Apr.

Barbarra, Tokyo


2 Apr.

Koen-Dori Classics, Tokyo


3 Apr.

Nanahari, Tokyo



29 Jan

Trio, Flange Zoo Gathering

Vinyl Deptford, London

8  Jan

Linear Obsessional Live

Art Cafe, London


1 Dec

Trio, Bob Drake & Kate Goes to Club Integral
with Kavus Torabi, I'KLECTIK, London


17 Nov.
Trio, Dorcha ISM EP show
Centrala, Birmingham
7 Oct
Trio, Club Integral Midlands 
The Edge, Birmingham


3 Sept 

Trio, Uramatsuri Festival @Cafe Oto, London

with No Cars


2 Sept  

Trio, The Lamplight Club, Regather Centre, Sheffield 

with Sarah Sharp

25 Aug 

Solo, Scaledown, The King & Queen, London

27 Jul 

Solo, Montague Arms, London

22 Jul

Trio, UPAJ,  I'klectik, London


20 Jul

Solo, Convivium#2, Catford Constitutional Club, London

1 Jul

Solo Improv., Hundred Years Gallery, London

25 Jun.  

Duo, The S.V.A. Goods Shed, Stroud

24 Jun. 

Club Integral , The Others, London

8 Jun. 

Solo, New River Studio, London


15 May

Solo, Klinker, Apiary studios, London


13 May 

Kamura&Iris Ederer

Red Kimono Evening, Conway Hall, London


5 May 

with The Nature Centre, Ort Cafe, Birmingham, 


3 May 

Supporting  Josephine Foster

Glad Cafe, Glasgow 


27 Apr

Solo, MNFM, The Victoria, London

10 Apr

Kamura impro, Hundred Years Gallery, London

18 Mar

Kamura Impro, International Women'sDay, I'klectik, London

11/12 Mar

Remember Fukushima Vigil/Rally, Parliament Square, London

19 Feb 

Resonance FM charity, I'klectik, London

30 Jan 

Solo, Hello Goodbye Show by DeXter Bentley, Resonance FM radio, London


19 Dec

Solo, Linear Obsessional Live, Artscafe, London


4 Dec 

Trio, First Friday, The Edge, Birmingham

5 Nov 

Club Integral, I'klectik, London

9 Oct 

Club Integral , The Cambria, London

18 Sept 

Solo, New River studio, London

10 July 

Kamura impro, Club Integral Local, The Cambria, London

30 May 

Kamura Impro @Bar Isshee, Tokyo

29 May 

Solo @Nanahari, Tokyo

2 May 

Solo, Image Gallery, London

4 Apr.


Jude Cowan Montague Exhibition, hARTsLane, London

11/14 Mar. 

Remember Fukushima Vigil/Rally , Parliament square, 


28 Feb 

Kamura Obscura at Silencio Watford Acoustic  Folk @The Cha Cafe, Watford


27 Dec

Kamura Impro @Bar Isshee, Tokyo

26 Dec 

Solo @Shinjyuku Urga, Tokyo

21 Dec 

Kamura + Pika & Oni

Explo 14 Kobe @Helluva Lounge ,Kobe

18 Dec 

Solo, Last Walz, Tokyo

17 Dec

Kamura impro, Vanilla Mood, Tokyo

8 Nov

Kamura & Manual Calvo in Isabel Castro Jung's Anemoi, Spain (Now!) fes, London

2 Sept

Kamura impro, Tree Hospital Festival, Tower Hamlet Cemetery, London


16 May

Kamura solo, Stand up Tragedy@ Hackney Attic, London

01 May

Solo , Trip to the moon, W/Spaceheads, @ The Others

21 Mar.

Kamura solo, Club Integral @ The Grosvenor, London

01 Jan.

Improvisation with Iris Ederer and Annette at Ark 1, London



28 May

Solo W/Vampillia at CI,Grosvenor, London


27 May

Solo W/Vampillia at CI, Palatine, Stoke Newington, London

Solo, Full Stop, London



22 Sep. 

Impro. Morgana, Tokyo


26 Aug. 

"I am a Kamura"  at Ai daro Ai, Uwaya theatre, Kobe


31 July 

Kamura Obscura Trio @ Servant Jazz Quaters


12 Jun. 

"I am a Kamura" at Yuntaku Takai Fes,  Earthdom, Tokyo


"I am a Kamura" @Chikyuya, Tokyo


26 Oct 

"I am a Kamura" with Japanese members at Drive to 2010 at Shinjuku Loft, Tokyo


11 Oct. 

Setsubun Bean Unit at Asagiri JAM festival, Japan

09 Oct. 

Setsubun Bean Unit at Roppongi Super Deluxe, Tokyo


05 Dec. 

"I am A Kamura" at Club Integral at Cafe Oto


04 Oct. 

"I am A Kamura" album launch with Sylvia Hallet and Jack Shirts @ Cafe Oto, London

11 Sept

"I am A Kamura" Supporting Kan Mikami @ Cafe Oto

29 June

"I am A Kamura"  at Insanity CL

Hackney Empire, London



"I am A Kamura" at Club Integral @ Canterbury Arms, London



"I am A Kamura" at Club Integral @ Canterbury Arms, London


24 Mar. 

"I am A Kamura" at Club Integral @ Canterbury Arms, London

"Setsubun Bean Unit" UK tour

11 Jan

Sussex Arts Club,  Brighton

12 Jan

Spitz, London

14 Jan. 

Arts Centre, Colchecter




11 September

All Womens Networked Jam Session at Arts Electronica

Online event

25 July 

Culture as a Dare

online music festival

9 July

La Horrox / Kamura Obscura / Anat Ben-David

View at Youtube (from 28:45)

Iklectik online event

21 June 2020

OsCiLlaTioNs - Summer Solstice Music Festival - fundraiser event

The online event hosted by Iklectik

04 June

A Flange Gathering - Live performance on Twitch


19 April   

Communal Orchestra Viral Improvisation Day, online

06 Mar.
W/Two Dogs @Hermon, Oswestry
28 Feb.
Single Launch @The Edge, Birmingham

21 Dec.

Itako Sisters (Atsuko Kamura and Yumi Hara) @Hundred Years Gallery, London

20 Dec.

Solo at Scaledown154 @ The Kings and Queens, London

8 Nov.

30 Jahre Mauerfall @SVA, Stroud

2 Nov.

Atsuko Kamura + Jude Cowan Montague, Art On Air, Resonance FM Tate Modern residency, The News Agents, @Tate Modern 

31 Oct.

Kamura Obscura solo at Sex Gang Children @The 100 Club, London

25 Oct.

Itako Sisters (Atsuko Kamura and Yumi Hara) at Resofest @ Cafe Oto, London

13 Oct.

Kamura Obscura Electro

(Atsuko Kamura+Andrea Rocca)

Club Integral Midlands Branch,

@The Edge, Birmingham

04 Aug

Kamura Obscura Solo +Andrea Rocca

Linear Obsessional Live

@Artscafe, London


21 June

Atsuko Kamura + Anat Ben-David at Horse Improvisation Club

@Iklectik, London


30 Apr.

Flatpack Festival

"A page of madness" live score by Sinestro Home Video 

@ Royal Birmingham conservatoire, Birmingham

13 Apr. 

Kamura Obscura solo

Record festival @ Stroud Sound Records, Stroud

Lindsey Cooper Songbook tour

(Tim Hodgkinson, Chris Cutler, Yumi Hara,  Chlöe Herington, Mitsuru Nasuno, Atsuko Kamura )

7 Mar. @ Garage Coffee, Canterbury

8 Mar. @ Cafe Oto, London

9 Mar. @ Kreuzung an St. Helena, Bonn

10 Mar. @Theater im Pumpenhaus , Münster

2 Feb. 2019

Kamura Obscura Solo

A Fascist Can't Dance. a>m single launch party.

@White Post, London



27 July (Fri)

w/Elizabete Balčus  & Lai Power

@Ort Cafe, Birmingham

15 June (Fri)

Club Integral Midlands Branch

W/Haco and Tarnovski 

@The Edge, Birmingham

30 June (Sat.)

w/Ayo Bamidele & TheSeaEnemies

@N5 Live at The Gunners, London

1 May (Tue)


@ Victoria, London

18 May (Fri)

W/Nad Spiro, @Convent Sant Agustí , Barcelona

21 May (Mon)

Solo W/Miki Yui

@Centrala, Birmingham

19 April (Thur)

Flatpack festival + Club Integral Midland Branch

@Centrala, Birmingham

20 April (Fri)

Solo,  W/Amor Bendito & Jude Cowan Montague

@Harrison, London

25 Mar.

Linear Obsessional Live

Art Cafe, London

24 Mar.

 SVA,  Stroud


17 Mar.

Trio, EP Launch 

Centrala, Birmingham


2 Mar.
Solo, W/Makoto Kawabata & Geoff Leigh


8 Dec
Solo, Mind Your Head!
Golden Anchor, London
11. Nov. 
Trio, Intox Extravaganza III at the DIY Space
DIY Space, London
11 Oct.
Women's Solo Sound
The Ort, Birmingham
29 Sept.
Solo, Ura Matsuri - Celebration of The Third Culture
Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, London
23. Sept.
Trio, Bulgarian-Birmingham International Festival of Live and Time-Based Art
The Edge, Birmingham
25. Aug. 
Solo, The HAREM Presents  Poetix Of Peacing
Biddle Bros, London
29 Aug. 
Solo, with Bob Drake, The Harrison, London
6 Aug.
Solo, Linear Obsessional Live ,The Arts Cafe , London
28 Jul.
Solo, Scaledown, The King And Queen, London
28 Jun.
Solo, Montague Arms, London
21 Jun.
Trio, Club Integral, Iklectik, London
with Makoto Kawabata and Geoff Leigh
Kamura Obscura Flyer A5.jpg
Sex Gang Children.jpg
CIMB AMT 13 Oct 19 poster for web by Nao
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