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Atsuko Kamura Discography

Albums available from Divine Records bandcamp 

The latest album motivated by Fukushima Disaster. Musicians involved include: Wataru Ohkuma, Kumiko Takara. 

Atsuko Kamura with Robert Storey  (Orchestre Murphy). 
Guitar: Simon King, Bass: Matt Armstrong, Drum: Paul May. 

Cover design by Shinpei Kashihara.

All albums below limited availability - click the album picture/name to enquire via email:

Progressive jazz funk meets Japanese folk songs. Super musicians from Bellowhead, Pete Flood and Gideon Juckes, created magic with Japanese Bon dancers.

Mizutama Shobodan LP

(polkadot fire brigade)



Mizutama Shobodan 2nd album produced by Fred Frith.

Frank Chickens LP

Club Monkey

Songs from Frank Chickens' musical Club Monkey. 

Mizutama Shobodan
Double CD

(polkadot fire brigade) 

水玉消防団  ダブルCD

Mizutama Shobodan double CD. Sold out in Japan. 

Honeymoons LP

Vocal improvisation duo, Atsuko Kamura and Tenko, challenge all the conventional vocal territories. Produced by Kenichi Takeda. 

Frank Chickens LP

Club Monkey Remix

Remix of Club Monkey including "Do The Karaoke", theme song of Channel 4 TV series Kazuko's Karaoke Klub. 

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