Who is Kamura Obscura

Kamura Obscura explores vocal improvisation with electronics, experimental composition with noise, viola, and lyrical yet surreal singing.


Kamura Obscura is Atsuko Kamura (vocal, synth, fx) and Natalie Mason (strings, piano, accordion). Also, it is performed as Atsuko Kamura's solo.

Atsuko Kamura

One of Tokyo's most emotive and inventive singers, part of Japan’s 80s  women’s liberation movement, Atsuko founded the first Japanese feminist rock band, Mizutama Shobodan, also known as Polkadot Fire Brigade.

 As agitprop feminist pioneers. Mizutama Shobodan toured Japan extensively and released two albums, the second of which, Manten ni Akai Hanabira (Red Petals in the Sky) was produced by Fred Frith.


She also performed with Tenko at the International Women's Music Festival in Montreal in 1988 as the female vocal duo Honeymoons, which went on to tour the US. The Honeymoons also performed with seminal New York improvisers, Tom Cora and John Zorn. Their album "Laughing Myth", produced by Kenichi Takeda, was released in 1982. 

As a member of the improvisation group, "Uzo Muzo", she performed at Strasbourg's Musica Festival in 1987.


Atsuko joined Kazuko Hohki’s UK based Japanese pop group Frank Chickens in 1988 and toured Europe, the US, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USSR and Japan.


In 2002 she began working with Robert Storey and a new ensemble called  I am A Kamura. Alongside this project, she performed with Anglo-Japanese jazz progressive rock band, Setsubun Bean Unit at the Sonar festival in Barcelona in 2007.

Her latest project, Kamura Obscura, released the albums Melt, Socrates' Garden and Speleology. Kamura Obscura's latest album  "4 AM Diary" came out in December 2021.

Atsuko performed as a traditional Benshi narrator alongside a  live score by Sinestro Home Video at the Flat Pack Film Festival in 2019. 

Kamura Obscura also supported the Nightingales' sold-out UK tour in autumn 2021. 

Natalie Mason

Birmingham-born classically trained, multi-instrumentalist and composer. Leader of an innovative music project, Multicultural Music Making and organiser of Club Integral Midlands Branch. With the experience of living in South Africa, she writes intricate instrumentals and surreal songs about times in Birmingham and beyond while playing as many instruments as she can get a-hold of.







その後、英国に渡りポップグループ「フランクチキンズ」でホーキ・カズコとペアを組む。オーストラリアを始め、ニュージーランド、アメリカ、カナダ、ヨーロッパなどツアー。また、チャンネル4のテレビ番組、「Kazuko's Karaoke Klub」に出演。2000年より、エスニック系、民謡、即興を取り入れたバンド「I am a Kamura」でバンド活動再開。英日混合の民謡ジャズ・プログレバンド「Setsubun bean unit」で民謡を歌い、同時にボーカル即興にも新しい領域を開拓。

現在のプロジェクト「Kamura Obscura」では、Melt, Socrates' Garden、Speleologyのアルバムをリリース。エレクトロニクス、サウンドスケープ、即興の渾然一体となったさらに実験的な新作、4AM Diaryを2021年末にリリース。同年、秋にはイギリスのポストパンクバンド、Nightingalesの満席完売全国ツアーをサポートする

2019年には、Flat Pack Film Festival にて、日本の前衛映画の名作、狂った一頁の弁士を務めた。